A steamy little           
pot of hot sauce           
to add to your show           



"Suzy was amazing - a real professional and the audience loved her - we will definitely be booking her again!"

My Current Acts

Miss Suzy Saucepot gets all hot n bothered when she discovers something saucy on the steam train, but as she falls asleep and starts her steamy dreams, it's the audience that start to feel the heat!

Taking to the stage with a sensual tango vibe Miss Suzy shows you who's in charge as she seduces you as the talented Tiger Tamer Circus Mistress, before revealing her big surprise with a roaring reveal!

Hold your breath as Suzy tantalises shocks you with her side show 'Nailed' - performing an amazing act on a real bed of nails. With incredible core strength and flexibility she makes it look much easier than it is!

"As a professional dancer, after becoming a devoted mum, I thought my days of performing were over - But then I discovered the new love of my life - Burlesque! I'm a sexy blend of passion, professionalism and fun - I'd love to be part of your show - love and kisses, Suzy ;)"

"Delightful and thoroughly entertaining!" Vicious Von Vixen' Vaudeville - London

For more information about booking me for your show or event please email me misssuzysaucepot@gmail.com


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